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Paying to learn a time management method when you don't know whether it works for you just DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. Instead, tune into this: a test drive of our method for hard working business women who need to make more & work less.

It's your time. Step inside...

The only club specifically designed for you to finally get the coaching, community & step-by-step support you need to win...
for less than a dollar a day.

The Problem Isn't You.

You’ve tried all the productivity hacks. You’re up before anyone else in the house, and to bed after them too. Yet you still can’t seem to earn enough in your biz to pay yourself a salary…let alone save for retirement.

You’re spending all your spare time (and then some) on your business. You’re exhausted and wondering if you should throw in the towel....

Well, before you do let’s make sure you're spending your time & energy on the RIGHT THINGS.

Introducing... The Plan HER Profits Membership.

Your Pathway From Cash-Eating Monster...To A Profitable Business.

I want to show you how to transform your business into a profitable cash cow, so you can hire a great team, choose the best software and automate processes...to win back your freedom.

Imagine if your life could look like this...

  • Gain confidence that you’re putting your precious (and limited) time, energy & attention where it really matters in your business.

  • Ensure you’re getting the work that needs to be done…done. Leaving you free to travel, enjoy hobbies, and be present for your family.

  • Learn how to delegate and trust your team so you can move faster, easier.

  • Never take another vacation or holiday that’s interrupted by a business “emergency”.

  • Be on call only to your family…not to your business.


Hey! I'm Jen Roberts

Call me crazy...but I believe the single most valuable thing we have in this life is our time.

Since starting my business, then I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect time management system, only to realize that mindset shifts made the biggest difference. (Thanks to my own coaches!)

Now I’m on a mission to teach other women what I’ve learned the hard way, over decades of trial and error, because it was a permanent investment in my mental & emotional health.

If you're fed up with letting your dreams pass you by, and never getting to the end of your to-do list, I'd love to help you here inside Plan HER Profits.

There are more demands on our time now than ever before. Life is more complicated than ever before. It can be overwhelming & unsatisfying, and change is scary & hard. But I know without a doubt that you can start living a life with fewer regrets today. You can do it just by setting your mind to it.

But it's faster & more fun to do it with our team behind you. ;)

See you on the inside,

Jennifer Roberts

"Time is a fixed quantity, so quit trying to magically make more of it, just to end up disappointed. Jen shares so many little gems to manage your time effectively, you'll think SHE'S a magician! Plan HER Profits is key for any entrepreneur looking to reap the potential each day has.”

Christianne B.

What you'll learn inside Plan HER Profits:

Carve out time for the work that truly moves the needle in your business...without alienating anyone on your team or family.

Discovered The Most Common Mistakes That Unprofitable Business Owners Are Making AND How To Avoid Them

Master Profit Skills With Easy-To-Understand Concepts To Earn More And Spend Less

“I wish I'd found a course like this years ago!"

This program is for everyone. Sarah and her team meet you where you are on your financial journey and work with you every step of the way. From how to budget, protect your wealth, and making your money make money!

Christina H.

“I can finally organize my finances in a way that is reducing my anxiety.”

I really liked the ideas because Sarah made them feel accessible. Too often, financial advisors seem to only address people who are already wealthy or otherwise have a leg up! This program made financial freedom feel attainable.

Tanya P.

Confused About Where Your Money Is Going?

Here Is Everything You Get Inside:

The Complete Plan HER Profits Online Course with Training Modules on How To MAKE MORE And WORK LESS

Work with Money Coach Sarah Nicole Nadler & Time Management Coach Jen Roberts to build systems, plans, and processes for time management that work FOR YOU at any stage of business. Stop living in crisis mode so you can breathe and enjoy building your business, at every step of the way.

$497 Value

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plan HER Profit Action Plans... At Your Fingertips

Your pathway to profit is full of pitfalls that can cause you to waste time going a million miles per hour in the wrong direction. Get the coaching & support you need to avoid that with daily & weekly checklists, so you're never left wondering what you should be working on right now to move the needle on your business profits.

$197 Value

The Ultimate Profit Planner (Digital + Physical Copy)

Get our weekly planner (both the digital version + physical copy shipped directly to your door) with goal-setting exercises, budget worksheets, profit planning exercises, a content marketing calendar, monthly intention-setting worksheets, and more!

$24 Value

Chat Support Through Our Custom App

Every journey needs a guide. Download the app to get direct access to Sarah + Jen! Ask questions and get them answered in real time, attend LIVE coaching calls, and get the support and feedback you need to achieve success.

$97 Value

PLUS These Amazing Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Monthly Profit Planning Sessions with Sarah

If you've ever wanted to peek behind the curtain and see exactly what a 6-figure online marketer does to move the needle in their business each day... this is your chance!

$97 Value

Bonus #2

Monthly Time Management CoWorking Sessions with Jen

Being an online business owner doesn't have to be lonely. Think cozy coffee shop vibes with your biz besties. But at home... in your favorite slippers and yoga pants.

Laptops out, earbuds on. Bring whatever work you need to get done that day, and we'll work alongside each other to check things off!

$97 Value

Bonus #3

Monthly Goal Setting Sessions To Hold You Accountable and Keep You Moving Toward Your Dreams

Add up your numbers for last month and get ready to make BIG PLANS for the upcoming one!

Inside these monthly zoom sessions we'll help you evaluate what worked, what didn't, and support you in setting bigger and bolder goals for your life & business.

$97 Value

When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of $2,212

All for Just $24/Month!


14-Day Trial

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Pay Monthly

(12 monthly payments)


Access Plan HER Profits Today and See for Yourself Within the Next 30 DAYS.

In addition to the FREE 14-day trial, if you implement the Plan HER Profits Method for 30 days and do not see how this will help you earn more and spend less, we'll give you your $24 back.

That's how confident we are that Plan HER Profits will help you
earn more and spend less so you can create a cash cow business.

100% Money Back Guaranteed.

What You Get When You Enroll Today:

The Complete Plan HER Profits Online Course with Training Modules on How To MAKE MORE And SPEND LESS - $497 Value

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plan HER Profit Action Plans... At Your Fingertips - $197 Value

The Ultimate Profit Planner (Digital + Physical Copy) - $24 Value

Chat Support Through Our Custom App - $97 Value

Bonus #1: Monthly Profit Planning Sessions with Sarah - $97 Value

Bonus #2: Time Management CoWorking Sessions with Jen - $97 Value

Bonus #3: Monthly Goal Setting Sessions To Hold You Accountable and Keep You Moving Toward Your Dreams - $97 Value


$0 For 14 Days (Then $24/Mo.)

You've Got Options To Help You Get Started Today

Choose Which Plan Works Best For You, So You Can Build A Profitable Business!


14-Day Trial

(test drive)



Pay Monthly

(12 monthly payments)


You've got Questions

I've got answers!

When does the program start?

The Plan HER Profits Membership is an on-demand, go at your own pace program that you can begin at any time.

What happens if I take longer than 8 weeks to finish the course?

Access is month-to-month, unless you enroll in our annual plan. Annual plan subscribers get access to the program for a full 12 months.

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel within the 14-day free trial, your card will not be charged. All cancellations must be a minimum of one business day prior to the next payment to avoid a monthly charge.

I really want to do this, but I just have a lot on my plate right now.

I hear ya! That's why you need to enroll ASAP! Plan HER Profits is perfect for the busy business woman who needs a simple but effective action plan she can complete to earn more and spend less...while better managing her time.

Will the app work on desktop AND mobile?

YES! You can access the entire app and Plan HER Profits online course on both mobile AND desktop.

Have a question that wasn't answered above?

Send me an email at ask@sarahnicolenadler.com and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


You Deserve to Feel Confident About Your Financial Future.

Every day I talk to powerful, ambitious women who are behind on retirement, have zero savings, and are struggling to make ends meet (even if their business is earning high revenues).

I get it: with a volatile economy, employees who don't care as much about the business as you do, and the severe lack of financial literacy in the US today... investing your hard earned money in coaching can feel like a gamble at best, and a lost-cause at worst.

That's why I'm so excited to show you my roadmap for turning your cash-eating monster of a business into just one of many profitable investments in your portfolio... so you can become financially free.

When you pair my Plan HER Profits Method with the coaching & support inside the membership, you're not just enrolling in a program. You're taking control of your financial future.

And I won't let you fail.

I can't wait to lock arms with you inside! Let's do this!


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